Life is about love. ♥ The more we operate from the heart, the more love exists and grows within our lives. Conversely, the more we work from the mind, the more we operate from fear, and love will leave our lives. So let's invite love in and push fear out.

Start with yourself. Our own growth reflects upon everyone around us and influences our circle positively. Be a leader, #bethechange.

Welcome to my speck of the Internet [partially built in Virtual Reality], using

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Entrepreneurial pursuits:

Social Media Expert

I have lived online most of my life. I know how the platforms work and most of the great tricks because I practice them.

No-Code Life

In business, I often accept the task of turning data into wisdom. Usually, this requires deep database and integration skills. However, No-Code is the future, and the future is now. No-code solutions can cheaply and easily solve most business challenges today.

Don't be held hostage by your technical team.

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